Everybody knows the uncomfortable feeling when your favorite shirt develops kind of a life of its own, sliding out of  your skirt or trousers – just not staying where it is supposed to stay. Running around on a busy day makes the garment loose its form and position very easily and, on top of that, always leaves it wrinkled, appearing out of place.

Now finally, there is a solution to this. Mr. Bahram Zamani, who has been working in fashion business for a very long time and therefore gained great experience in the fields of both men’s and women’s wear, came up with a clever idea: designing a smart and helpful tool that will help you to maintain a flawless look and keep your shirt or blouse in place.

The BODYMAKER is basically a satin fabric string in the shape of a Y which gets attached to one of the lower buttons in the front of your shirt, goes all the way through your legs to the back where it gets attached on both sides of the shirt with two clips. That way your shirt is safely fixed – no sliding, no crumpling.

The BODYMAKER is invisible as it is worn inside trousers and skirts and transforms every shirt into a body to keep it in place. It comes in six different colours to fit your personal taste and your daily outfit and style choices. Wear it as you like and make a fashion statement with this practical fashion accessory.

I met Mr. Bahram Zamani and had a quick chat with him.

Mr. Zamani, what are the benefits of the BODYMAKER?
The Bodymaker is a practical addition to everyone’s wardrobe. It's a handy tool that makes your day-by-day styling much easier and ensures you always look immaculate – doesn't matter what. It’s an accessory that takes at least one of the many worries from people with a busy schedule.  

Can you also change the shape of the shirt with the BODYMAKER?
The BODYMAKER does not change the shape of the shirt. It rather transforms it into a body to ensure that it stays in place. An absolute plus – opposed to the benefits of a body - is that it can be adjusted to any kind of women’s blouse, men’s shirt etc.

Could you wear the BODYMAKER also on top of jeans or trousers like a fashion accessory?
To be frank, so far we have considered the BODYMAKER only from a functional perspective, not from a decorative point of view. Experiencing that many people have had the same problems in finding a solution, I’ve rather focused on catering to their basic needs. Nevertheless, I am currently working on launching a second line that will include lace and silk to expand the styles and to turn the BODYMAKER into a must-have accessory that fits any possible occasion.

How comfortable is the BODYMAKER?
We have put a lot of thought in the development to make sure that the BODYMAKER is convenient to wear. We also have asked our customers about this and they all stated that you don’t even even feel the BODYMAKER while wearing it.

Have a look at and

Sun or Snow?

LONDON: This is the question now. If you are lucky you are just about to board a plane to a sandy island in the sun right before Christmas or you stay home and make yourself comfortable.

Before your pack your bags, check out what to take with you and go shopping today. IRMA collected her favorite pieces which also get you in the sunshine mood even if you stay home. Have a look.....

Go Shopping Now

LONDON/PARIS/NEW YORK: Not only is it Xmas soon but also the sale season just began and it’s the best time of the year to look for MUST BUYS. I even prefer the winter sale to the summer sale, as you find more merchandise that can be worn in winter as well as in summer.

Get informed about the upcoming season and go bargain shopping today. IRMA tells you what to look for and which pieces are worth investing in to look good this spring.

1. Fringes will never be out of fashion, it is just a question of how you combine them in order to make them look modern. I like LANVIN’s approach to mix leather fringes with Maraboo feathers.

2. Make your jewellery match your dress. I think it is a new way to look at statement jewellery. CHLOE

3. Silk dresses with signature patterns are wearable all year long as long as you update the dress with seasonal accessories. I like the idea of wearing a last-year pattern this year. It is worth starting your garment collection – the earlier the better. CHLOE

4. Any kind of nude shoes are perfect for taking into the summer season. They give a nice edge to bare skin and even make your legs appear longer. You can start wearing them in early spring without tights and they immediately give you that summer feel without getting too cold. CHLOE

5. Ruffles are a festive statement. They flatter your figure, your waist and your overall look. In off-white, beige or champagne they will always have this Chanel touch. This dress is one of my favorites by CHLOE.

6. Any knits by PRADA are worth an investment. They are shown in fashion exhibitions around the globe and if you are a fashion lover you will know how to mix the season in between. Think colour and pattern.

7. Mix your tweeds with chiffon, lurex and silk as long as they make a contrast it will always look good. SAINT LAURENT had the nicest tweeds in a cape, duffle coat and parka, the rest is easy, just grab your shortest dress and off you go.

8. BURBERRY PRORSUM made a statement with their painted bag. Not too easy to combine if you don’t follow the entire look but worth a try as it is a piece which will stay in your wardrobe forever.

9. Flat men’s shoe make every look cool and boyish. They are of course comfortable and give your outfit a certain I do not care’ attitude which is always a plus when you get dressed.

Black bag, Lanvin; dress, Saint Laurent; cape, Saint Laurent; beige boots, Chloe

My Bag: Valentino, Saint Laurent & Lanvin

PARIS: The evening bag is my new jewellery, especially during the festive season. I like to think about a clean nude make-up, a beautiful, but simple evening dress and a tiny purse that says it all. The smaller the better and the more allure the more fun. Those grey days in winter need to be lightened up with a bright, sparkling or colourful accessory. Also wear your mini evening purse during the day and mix it with your tweeds and flannels.

Worried that not everything will fit? Don’t. You do not need much, just a lipstick and a credit card and maybe your smartphone, which anyway is better to carry ready on hand.

Below are some of my favorites, all available online through

L’ARC PARIS: Mingle and flirt with the chic crowd of A-listers and think of life as a discotheque,, open Thursday through Saturday 12am – 7am, 12 rue de Presbourg, 75016 Paris

From top to bottom: Saint Laurent with IRMA’s iPhone case by caseable, Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Saint Laurent, Valentino

IRMA’s Powder Room: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

MUNICH: I am very happy to introduce you to our new space on Isn’t it always great to meet interesting people all over the world who can give you some advice, a tip, an idea or just some great words on the way. Places like the elevator, a path in the woods, the metropolis or the powder room are the places where we meet. That is why we decided to call this space where we meet THE POWDER ROOM.

Recently I had the chance to talk to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at the boutique Marion Heinrich in Munich where I had the pleasure to look at their Resort 2015 collection and to get some advice which piece is the MUST-HAVE FOR IRMA. We chose the perfect coat, light as a feather with an arm cut perfectly made so my hands feel and actually are always free to move, and a black mink belt which can be also worn like a tuxedo scarf.

Once you wear a garment by The Row you will want to change your entire wardrobe. Everything is most carefully tailored, all trimmings and lining are seamless and the materials used are the finest to feel on your skin. Each piece is well thought through. For example the shoulder bag can be transformed into a clutch by opening the clasp and turning it like opening a watch.

Whichever piece you choose, you will want to wear it forever and I really mean that. They have the perfect feel-good factor in combination with the best tailoring from Saville Row. I just love THE ROW, and thank you, Mary-Kate and Ashley, for great style and the pleasure of talking to you.

JK from IRMASWORLD having a chat with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at Marion Heinrich fashion store in Munich