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ANTWERP: Meet our latest Guest Editor, architect Kirsten Scholz, from Munich who just visited Antwerp for IRMASWORLD. A great city to look for three-dimensional inspiration and ideas to reset your mind, not only if you think about the walls you live in.

IRMA: Kirsten, tell me, why is Antwerp such an influential city when it comes to architecture?

KIRSTEN SCHOLZ: The city of Antwerp has always been an important trade and financial centre which created a certain wealth that is reflected through the splendid houses built in the various eras.

IRMA: When you walked through Antwerp, what really inspired you?

K.SCH.: For example: Guiette House designed by Le Corbusier in 1926 is considered to be one of his most unknown works and it was once occupied by Belgian fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester. Antwerp has a very creative atmosphere, you can see the mixture of fashion, design, art and architecture reflected in shops, museums as well as fashion or photo design schools. It is very inspiring.

IRMA: Is there a certain trend you noticed that you think you would like to develop?

K.SCH.: At the moment  you see a lot of architecture in the style of the 50s and 60s. I always loved the architecture from Richard Neutra. If you look at his architecture it is unbelievable how forward-looking and advanced his architectural design was. You could assume that some of his buildings were designed nowadays... This is for me a continuous source of inspiration.

IRMA: Regarding your own apartment/house, what would you like to change immediately for the new year?

K.SCH: I would change the colours in our apartment. I love for example the old colours from Le Corbusier produced by kt.color or colours by Farrow & Ball. I cannot decide which one to use for myself, but I am always very sure about the colours for my clients. My current favorite is for example the combination of hague blue and india yellow. Nice colours from VIA are for example: Finkenblau, Nachtblau, Seladongrün, Helitrop or Rosenholz

IRMA: Your advice if you live in a small apartment?

K.SCH.: Hidden storage, floor lights to visually heighten the ceilings and to create a cosy atmosphere in combination with using nice, dark intensive colours. I’d try to create clear zones within the floor plan, for example by building a pedestal for an area with a special function: living or sleeping.

IRMA:. Any ideas for a perfect light?

K.SCH.: I love cleverly positioned, indirect light in combination with vintage table lights. Wherever it fits, I use floor lights. Every light must be dimmable.

IRMA: Can I have a peek into your address book regarding the places you really liked in Antwerp?

K.SCH.: Of course you can! Here are my most favorite venues in the city:

IRMA: Where do you look for new ideas?

K.SCH.: I look everywhere. I get inspired by travelling, books, in the cinema, museum or at the opera. How did they work with colour and light on stage? Does it all work out with the whole play? I love monochrome stage settings including the colour and fabrics of the costumes, the background and the light.

IRMA: Thank you, Kirsten! It was a pleasure talking to you.

From top left to bottom right: The MAS is an impressive building with a museum and it is also the visible storage, the museum square with Luc Tuymans’ mosaic, the boulevard, the rooftop panorama, etc. The MAS is a total experience. THE JANE, an old church, which was rebuild by well-known interior designer Piet Boon as an amazing restaurant managed by Michelin-star chef Sergio Herman and chef Nick Bril and the fantastic modern chandelier was designed and made by pslab. GRAANMARKT 13, a concrete staircase to the apartment, the view from the living area to the kitchen, the whole townhouse that includes a restaurant, a concept store, a gallery and an apartment to rent, was designed by star architect Vincent van Duysen. A wonderful gilt head in the FISKEBAR. M HKA presents exhibitions and collections of modern and contemporary art.

Home Cooking

IRMA’S PLATES FOR STARTERS, order at info[at]

AT HOME: There is nothing better than gathering your best friends and family on the weekend for a lunch or dinner at home. The idea is simple - either you do the grocery shopping yourself at your favorite farmers market and prepare the meal in advance or everybody brings something and cooking together gets everyone in a good mood. This year I will continue to entertain my friends at home and I cannot wait to look through my new cook books for new recipes and ideas.

Why don’t you start this weekend? My tip: cook a stew (vegetable, meat or fish) in advance and just serve chilled rosé and let your friends surprise you with some homemade desserts. I promise it will be great fun.

It is all about table setting which gets your guests into the mood for a perfect lunch or dinner, I used hand-painted sketches as table sets to place different kinds of plates and glasses, if you don’t want to spend too much time with homemade dessert, get one stunning pieces from your favorite patisserie (just pretend you made it, and nobody will believe you), flowers give the perfect atmosphere for a great dinner party, surround them with candles which makes them look even more spectacular

Maggy Smiss

get ready to dance

LONDON: Let me introduce you to Maggy Smiss, who I met this summer in Cannes.

She is from Paris and became well known with very selective Sets and her ability to "read“ her audience. Like so many, her passion for music began at an early age, influenced by luminaries such as Michael Jackson, DJ Mehdi, Martin Solveig, The Beatles…

She is not only looking good, but she knows what she is doing with excellent technique. 

Blessed with an innate feel for the rhythm and mood of her audience, her dynamic and eclectic sets allowed her to perform in famous clubs in France and around the world: High Club (Nice), Ninkasi (Lyon), Les Caves (Courchevel), Hotel Martinez (Cannes), Papagayo (Saint Tropez), Aloft (Abu Dhabi), A Club (Festival de Cannes), DKNY (London), Bahamas (Amanyara)...

So, Shake & Pop, are you ready to get up and dance? 

Listen to IRMAS NEW YEARS PARTY curated by Maggy Smiss







Merry Christmas

PONTRESINA: IRMA and her team will take a holiday in the next days and for now we wish you a wonderful Christmas Eve with your family and friends. A great year comes to an end and our many thanks go to all our followers who keep us going all year long. Stay with us and enjoy many more ideas, news, surprises and inspirations coming soon. Happy Holidays!

Your IRMA team

More Water, Please!

BERLIN: Cherish and enjoy water every day! That’s the idea behind the company SOULBOTTLE. Why not take your drinking water from the tap? That is in most European cities the best-controlled and healthy water, full of minerals. It even has a better quality than many bottled waters. And also water tastes better if it is served in a glass bottle instead of a plastic container.

The idea was clear and simple and when the Vienna-based industrial designer Talia Radford won the Red–Dot design award for the Soulbottle, it was obvious that in the future the company would ask more international designers and artists to create special designs for this unique water bottle.

I am honoured to be one of them. When I was asked to put IRMA on the bottle, I didn’t have to think twice. For IRMA, water is the most important essence of life, it fuels her and makes everything grow.

You can buy the bottle in stores, supermarkets and of course online, you can also design your own personal bottle. For each bottle sold, 1 EUR goes to the Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli, a charitable organisation based in St. Pauli, Hamburg (Germany), campaigning for clean drinking water worldwide.

Order your IRMA bottle today and have at least two litres of fresh tap water every day.